Textbook and tactile cards containing explicit systematic instruction for teaching cursive handwriting

Easy Lessons That Help Students Develop Beautiful Handwriting

Our fun, rhythmic, multi-sensory lessons can be paced to make sure students learn and master the concepts taught. These easy-to-teach lessons help students reinforce their understanding of letter-sound correspondences with a systematic approach.

Students learning cursive handwriting with success from explicit systematic instruction found in Rhythm of Handwriting curriculum

Build Confidence Through Independent Handwriting Skills

Rhythm of Handwriting focuses on helping students identify all the sounds of A to Z while teaching cursive strokes. With this, students learn how letters are formed while developing reading fluency too!

A Curriculum Built Around Flexibility, Practice and Joy

Teaching Cursive Handwriting

Handmade, hardback tactile cards with sandpaper texture guides the user through the anatomy of individual lowercase cursive letters.

Every Lowercase Letter Begins on the Baseline

With Rhythm of Handwriting, every lowercase cursive letter starts at the baseline. This simplifies instruction and helps students to more quickly master the lowercase letters.

Rhythm of Handwriting tactile cards for cursive lowercase b and d contain explicit instruction for sequence of strokes needed.

Prevent Reversals

Teaching cursive handwriting prevents common letter reversals such as "b" and "d" and "p" and "q".

Interior page of the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Student Book prompting practice connecting lowercase letters at the baseline.

Letter Spacing is Quickly Mastered

Since all the letters within a word are connected, students only lift their pencil between words, which allows students to master spacing quickly in their writing.

The word

Less Fine-Motor Skill Needed

Learning to write cursive requires minimal lifting of the pencil, which means less fine-motor articulation than writing in print.

Classroom Wall Strips featuring the uppercase and lowercase letters and the similarities between the cursive and manuscript handwriting styles

Ease in Transition Between Styles

Our cursive style is closely matched to our manuscript style to ease in transition from cursive to manuscript.

A Handwriting Curriculum Grounded in Research

Rhythm of Handwriting cursive curriculum components

Catchy instructions paired with hands-on tools that promote a fun, multimodal learning experience for students of all ages.

Systematic instructions are conveniently located within the Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book.

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