Textbook and tactile cards containing explicit, systematic manuscript instructions for writing a lowercase n and its sequential strokes

Systematic Manuscript Instructions for Legible Handwriting

With instructions conveniently located in the Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book, this handwriting curriculum can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to any English language arts curriculum.

Young Logic of English students experiencing the joy of learning as they master the Rhythm of Handwriting in manuscript

Build Their Confidence and Support Their Growth

Rhythm of Handwriting also combines teaching all the sounds of A-Z with learning how to write each single-letter phonogram. By reinforcing this sound-to-letter pattern, students create a more established thought process that helps them decode words quickly and easily!

A Handwriting Curriculum Where Mastery, Joy and Adaptability Meet

Teaching Manuscript Handwriting

The word

Teach Where Every Letter Begins

Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript minimizes the number of starting places, instructing students exactly where to begin each letter to eliminate confusion and help students to form letters consistently.

Pages from the manuscript student book introducing groups of similar strokes and practice pages for sequential application

Develop Muscle Memory for Consistent Writing

Learning the letters grouped by initial stroke helps students to remember the starting point and helps the student to develop the muscle memory needed for consistent writing.

Virtual handwriting lesson demonstrating the systematic approach through explicit sequences of strokes to create a lowercase manuscript letter g

Easy-to-Recall Cues

The short rhythmic instructions provide a memorable cue to prompt students as they are developing mastery. These cues also reinforce the natural rhythm associated with fluid handwriting.

Front and back of the class room wall strip comparing the similarities between the cursive uppercase and lowercase letter b and the manuscript uppercase and lowercase letter b

Facilitate Transitioning Between Styles

The strokes and cues for the lowercase letters are closely matched to our cursive style to facilitate ease in transition from one style to the other.

A handwriting curriculum designed to engage students and instill confidence in their reading and writing abilities

Rhythm of Handwriting manuscript curriculum components

Rhythm of Handwriting provides the short, rhythmic directions and practical tools you need to know to help your students master manuscript handwriting.

Systematic instructions are conveniently located within the Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book.

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